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Sandstorm Detailing was founded in 1998 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company originated as a graphics design company, Digital Graphics Design (DGD). In 2001, after moving to Pennsylvania, the owner changed the name of the company to Sandstorm Detailing Limited, and began incorporating metal polishing into the business due to great demand for a metal polishing service in the region. Sandstorm Detailing is a non-profit company to help veterans get on their feet economically. What the employed veteran contractors make is a percentage of the profits of the company, basically "Employee Owned and Operated". The company only retains 20% for materials and equipment.

Our Mission

Sandstorm Detailing is dedicated to providing top quality work at the lowest cost possible in the current economy, and to insure that every vehicle that leaves our hands is in a safe condition for the road. 

Sandstorm Detailing provides our clients with detailed information on what we observed during the services being provided so that the changes can be made immediately in order to avoid DOT stops or unexpected problems that result in delays, accidents, or public endangerment ( ie metal fatigue, frayed wiring, broken air lines, evidence of major break wear, etc. ). The report is complimentary, free of charge, and in interest to the public welfare. Sandstorm Detailing will not be held liable for any inaction on the part of the owner(s) of the vehicle. Sandstorm Detailing does not take responsibility for any accidents, incidents, or other issues after the report is handed to the authorizing agent signing for the work upon completion and payment of services.

For more information, comments or questions about our services please use the Contact Us form below or contact us by mail here:

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Sandstorm Detailing Limited
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Phone or Text Us At: (570) 428 - 4989

Employment & Employees 

Sandstorm Detailing does not employee full time employees. We contract sub-contractors on a percentage basis. All contracted workers are trained in the company's strict detailing procedures, and in safety of operating equipment that runs at high speeds and handling of hazardous materials; they use the company's equipment and materials; and follow directions like an employee but not technically employed by the company. All contractors are clearly warned in writing about and required to sign a liability waiver with Sandstorm Detailing. All contractors who conduct detailing operations for Sandstorm Detailing are self-employed, self-insured (health insurance), and liable for reporting their income to the Internal Revenue Service. Proof of US citizenship is required by federal law. Sandstorm Detailing retains liability insurance through AIG and bonded through a federal bonding program. To assure bondable contractors we do a background check, and randomly check for alcohol and drug use during jobs, which Sandstorm Detailing pays for. If you are interested in contracting as a seasonal employee ( generally June - October ) feel free to contact us through the contact form on the Contact Us tab. Sandstorm Detailing is an Equal Opportunity (contracting) Company. We do not discriminate in any way. Due to insurance and bonding requirements personnel must be a minimum age of 18 years, no minors allowed to apply under federal labor laws. We will not make exceptions regarding federal regulations, laws, or OSHA safety standards. This is a very hazardous occupation and we assure that all means of safety are taken to protect both contractors and the public as we work in an outdoor atmosphere and in within areas with heavy equipment and traffic. Employed contractors are required to travel when called upon. Sandstorm Detailing does mobile servicing for our clients, and remote locations out of state are very common.

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