Our COVID-19 Initiative
On March 24. 2020 WOLF FOX56 News ran a piece about the difficulties truckers are running into during this pandemic our country, and the world as well, is going through. Truckers are spending more time on the road than they normally would, driving longer hours and further distances to transport the goods needed to keep us alive and functioning so we need to work together to help them as much as is possible, especially those who served our country before hitting the roads to transport the life blood of America!

Over the next few weeks we will be gathering information together to help truckers to locate food services they can be able to access easily or with the help of members of this company or the community to transport them. Keep checking back to this page for new updates as we will try to get new information on every single day if we can. Should you have ideas or wish to volunteer your services transporting drivers to places to eat they cannot normally get to or drive through feel free to use the CONTACT FORM on the ABOUT US page on this site or text us at 570-884-4044.

Terry Boyd
Founder of Sandstorm Detailing


The Proposal To The Community

Have you ever tried to get a motor home through a drive-thru? Not easy is it? Truckers are currently faced with this problem but magnified over by the fact that truck parking isn't readily available nor is walk-up services since laws and policies regulate how a drive-thru can operate. The following is what we propose to the public to assist truckers in getting their orders of food:

  1. Offer to drive them through a drive-thru or get them to a take out  only restaurant.......FOR FREE!
  2. Businesses, set your drive-thru up so truckers can either walk up to the window to get their order they phoned in or if you have a large enough area for them to pull through like your delivery trucks do set up a step ladder system so your employee(s) can walk up and deliver the order to them in person.
  3. Offer free delivery services to truckers to most commonly used parking areas in your area like truck stops and rest areas.
  4. Make a small investment into a CB Radio, run it on Channel 19 and let truckers know you cater to them, how and where. You can get a small CB radio for as little as $49.00 new, and antenna for about $20.00 to $60.00. This company uses the CB to communicate with our clients and to obtain new ones all the time. A magnetic antenna can be a good thing, even a small hand talkie works wonders.


The Proposal For Truckers

All of us at Sandstorm Detailing have been in the trucking industry a long time and realize how difficult a job it can be. The general public doesn't understand that without your services they wouldn't have any services anywhere because trucks deliver everything we use on a daily basis from food and beverages to gasoline and fuel oils and beyond. Without you Men and Women out there on the roads every day there'd not be a logistics system at all. In saying this we're pushing the public with this initiative to aid all of you so you can safely continue supplying us with the things we need daily, so the stocks don't run low or completely out. You must eat, sleep and shower just like the rest of us and a lot of businesses, even truck stops you normally frequent, are shutting down to slow the spread of this virus throughout the country. The following are some of the things you can do to locate services to help you out on your travels through our areas not just in Pennsylvania but the whole country. We'll add as many more places nationwide as they come to our attention over the next few weeks.

If You're A Veteran
If you're a card carrying member of a military veterans organization like The American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Am Vets, Vietnam Veterans of America, DAV, etc you can gather location information for your routes you drive from their websites so you may contact them about the services you may be inquiring about. Be sure you have the following of course:
  • DD214
  • Organization Membership ID
  • Veterans Affairs ID If Possible
Veterans who don't have memberships in an organization can call the Posts of any organization and see if they can help them even though you're not a dues paying member but you are an AMERICAN VETERAN WHO SERVED. Just be certain you have at least a VA ID Card to prove you're a veteran.

All Truck Drivers
You can help yourselves out by trying the following in any area you happen to be needing assistance:
  • Contact A Local CB Base Station Operator If Possible To Request Information! Usually! As you know, locals like base station operators can either help you out directly or will either get someone online, the phone or the radio to come to your physical location to assist you if you explain to them what you need and why. In these times everyone is beginning to realize how hard it really is for you drivers out there, especially those of us who work with you on a daily basis.
  • No Base Station? Do as you do for finding an address to deliver - Yell Out For A Local! Same situation applies as described above with the base station operators, explain what you need and see if they can give you a hand. 
  • Contact the truck stop, restaurant, drive-thru, or market to see what their services include so you're not either wasting fuel and time or getting your truck in a situation like being stuck in a tight spot where you cannot turn around.

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