Our Services and Pricing Information

Our Services

  • Metal Polishing - Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Chrome

  • Graphics Design - Logos, Murals, Wrap Designs, Advertising

Please Note:

If you are considering placing an order and making an appointment please keep in mind that we need the time to accommplish the work that has to be done. Certain factors should always be considered:

1] Weather Conditions. Humidity can effect the way the polishing is done and if it can be accommplished in a fast amount of time.

2] Such packages like our Premium Package can require 2 - 3 days at the most to accommplish. Reason for this is the amount of work that must be put in to get the work correctly done. The Premium Package is every piece of polishable metal on your vehicle, and all of which requires sealing with teflon sealer for the warranty. we go to great lengths to remove steps and at times deck plates in order to polish them as well. All these factors should be considered before setting an appointment.

3] We do not wash trucks, nor do we remove wheels that require extensive work like sanding and raw cutting. This is the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle, so where we do the work may depend on this factor.

Our Machine Polishing Price List & Policy
Pricing Is For Previously Cut Metals ONLY! Raw Cutting Will Require Additional Work & Time
Such As Acidizing, Sanding, Repairs If Needed! All Prices Apply To Both New and Previous Clients.


Included In Package 

 Price In USD

Piece Work Please Note Piece Work Pricing May Be More

Premium Package 

Wheels, Tanks, Bumper, Grill, Boxes, Steps
Handles, Mirrors, and All Polishable Metals + Sealed Down


Deluxe Package 

Wheels, Tanks, Grill, Boxes ( Add $25.00 For Sealing )


Standard Package 

Wheels & Tanks Only ( Add $25.00 For Sealing )


 Wheel Package

6 Wheels Only ( Add $25.00 For Sealing )


Tanks Only Package 

Any Size Fuel Tank On Tractor Only ( Add $25.00 For Sealing )
Price Is For Each Applicable Tank


Contact Us For Pricing Information For Cars, Boats and Motorcycle Parts

Pricing Subject To Change At Any Time. Additional Fees Apply For Outside Services, Raw Cutting & Sanding.

We will charge a travel fee ($00.48 per mile R/T) for distances out side of the 50 mile radius from McClure, PA.

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