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Effective For 2020 Season

Our season will begin Memorial Day Weekend or sooner depending on weather and the current COVID-19 Crisis and will end approximately the end of October (weather pending). We will not be accepting advance reservation requests until the second week of May so please do not send any requests until that time period. We have had too many reservations made then end up No Shows or Skipping Out of which is not acceptable for any business. Time Is Money in your business, the same goes for our business as well! We Are Not Fly-By-Night Polishers without insurance or a business license that you can try and rip off, we will report your skip out on payment to the authorities specifically USDOT and PA State Police.
PA Governor Wolfe has turned our state into some kind of communist state over this health crisis. He has called for businesses who are "Non-Life Essential Businesses" to be closed. This business is essential whether the state deems it so or not so WE WILL NOT BE CLOSING OUR SERVICES! In stating that we will work with all clients on location to do the job and will add if time allows a disinfecting cleaning inside your cabs and sleepers absolutely free of charge. All we ask here at Sandstorm Detailing is that you abide by the guidelines of social distancing that has been set by the federal government and the CDC in order to protect our employee contractors. If you're sick and/or show symptoms please do not make an appointment or call for services just to spread this disease to others. We will be taking extreme actions of caution to protect our people and you for as long as we need to. Truckers Keep America Running, Sandstorm Detailing Makes Certain You Can Do So Safely!

Contacting Us For Service:

Effective Immediately: Due to people trolling Go Daddy business pages to obtain telephone numbers we will no longer taking new orders for service by phone on our own lines! If you wish to get new service please go to the Contact Us area on the About Us Page and send us an e-mail with a legitimate e-mail address we can return a reply to or text us at our Google Voice Number at    570-884-4044. The number for our office listed on Google Ads and Yahoo Yellow Pages no longer accepts calls as it is a dedicated DSL line only.


Prices listed on our pricing lists are basic base pricing. Some jobs require additional work and materials, therefore, the pricing may be higher for that reason. Also, please do not expect work to be done in short order time. If you don't have the time to allow the work to be done correctly do not make an appointment until you do, especially for complete vehicle work or multi vehicle projects. If we cannot do it right the first time around we won't do it at all to avoid wasting both your time and ours!

Please go to our Services/Pricing page for latest pricing. We Apologize To Everyone For Having To Raise Prices But Due To Increased Costs In Materials We Have No Choice If We Are To Stay In Business To Serve  

Sandstorm Detailing no longer does interior cleaning/detailing, nor do we do waxing of the exterior. We are solely a metal polishing specialty. Sometime in the near future we will go back to the interior cleaning business and we will notify all clients and prospective clients here on the website when that will be implemented. We Appreciate Your Business & Your Patience As We Increase Our Identity Both On The Roadways & Online! Thank You!

Our Pricing List can be found on our Services/Pricing page. Thank You For Your Interest In Our Services!

We Are A Non-Profit Company! Our Prices Barely Cover Operating Expenses and Fuel Costs To Travel. And, We Are Not Your
"Fly-By-Night Polishers". Our work guarantee applies everywhere we go and you ALWAYS know how and where to find us!

New Ways To Contact Us!
 Our friends and customers can now contact us at   .

Work Videos

These videos will give you, the customer, and our prospective employees, the general idea of what we do on each project. Videos taken June 19, 2010 on our project in Port Royal, PA.

    Click The Title To View Video

Hand Polishing & Teaching It
Cutting Fuel Tanks
Cutting Fuel Tanks Part 2

Our Latest Project Of 2011: Returning Client, 2000 Kenworth W-90


Important Policy Information You Need To Know 
  • All packages offered on the Pricing List are based on vehicles previously cut before. If we have to condition the metal to get a shine, such as sanding and repairing damage to wheels and tanks, an additional fee(s) will be added. We call these "Raw Cuts", and may require outside services to do work we cannot do (ie removing wheels for complete sanding and polishing).Sorry, No Exceptions.
  • No work is done without a signed release by an authorized individual(s), and the finished work must be signed and approved by the same authorizing individual(s). Sorry, No Exceptions.
  • Payment is due upon completion of work. We Accept Only Cash & USPS Money Orders.
  • No Refunds, in full or in part, will be given or authorized by Sandstorm Detailing at any time for services rendered*. Operators are not authorized to refund money for any reason for services.  

 * Sandstorm Detailing is a 'service vendor company' and refunding money for services rendered is not possible. Sandstorm Detailing will, at anytime requested, redo or repair flaws in the work done if such flaws are the direct results of improper work by the operator(s) of Sandstorm Detailing or from defective materials used during the processing of the work done ( i.e. teflon sealer not resisting conditions as warrantied by the manufacturer, etc). Sandstorm Detailing uses only the top of the line products and equipment. At no time will we use materials that will damage, corrode, or blemish the metal or paint on a vehicle. All products are tested prior to use to insure the product(s) are safe and reliable. This is the cost of business and we pay that cost even at a loss of revenue to insure you, the Customer, are satisfied 100% with the work. When you sign off on the completed work you agree to the Terms and Agreement and accept such agreement as a bonding contract between Sandstorm Detailing and yourself or company.


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